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Class Allocator for QuickBooks

Using classes in QuickBooks and tired of long journal entries to allocate joint costs across your classes? 

Class Allocator is your solution!

Class Allocator allows users of the Class feature in QuickBooks to quickly and easily allocate income and expense amounts across classes.  Whether you use QuickBooks classes to track departments, divisions, product lines or locations there are almost always expenses that need to be allocated across the classes in order to accurately determine the profit or loss by class.

Using a simple interface and seamless integration, Class Allocator saves time by allowing the user to apply joint income or expenses across classes by entering a percentage to allocate.  Once the allocation accounts and percentages have been entered Class Allocator creates a general journal entry in QuickBooks for the user to approve or revise. 

Income or expenses can be allocated quarterly, monthly, daily or even on a transaction basis…it’s that quick and easy.

Your CPA will like it too, the percentage that you use to allocate is automatically added in the memo field of the general journal entry to create a trail for the accountant to follow back to the original transaction.

Allocation percentages can even be saved for use the next time you allocate.

Class Allocator is an easy to use program that will save you time!

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